A Handmade Valentine’s Day

 un | From-Scratch Pasta  Yield: 1 pound  2 cups all-purpose flour, plus more for dusting

in a home with…

As you read this, a custom-built home radiating its own character of rustic sophistication is being finished at 1800 Hardwood View Drive inside The Cove of Greystone subdivision in Hoover.

Meet Stained Glass Artist David Schlueter

Being part of a thousand-year history of unique, multicolored artistic inventions is more than inspiring. Leading the way regionally in repair, restoration and design creations of stained glass is David Schlueter at Buck Creek Stained Glass.

Elegance Minus the Pretentiousness

In the heart of Mountain Brook, Daniel George Restaurant has been a part of the community for 17 years and counting and is considered a consistent staple to regular guests in the area.

A Day with James Spann

This award-winning meteorologist guides avid weather watchers throughout the Birmingham region each weeknight at 4, 5, 6 and 10 p.m. After having been a television weather anchor for nearly four decades, the suspender-wearing, universal climate man believes he was simply born with a fascination with weather. James has received the two highest awards in the nation for a broadcast meteorologist. He's…

Diet by Color

In the plant world, color and hue rule in terms of disease-fighting capability. Each color represents different benefits and the deeper the color, the more benefit there is. 

New Year, New Me

The holiday season has officially come to an end, but the holiday calories still linger. Every year, our New Year's resolutions remain the same: save more money, get organized and lose weight. The latter is the most popular. Gym memberships soar in January, and by the middle of spring, they're all but forgotten. Working out is not only seen as…

White Chicken Chili

When this Southern belle isn't helping patients as a registered nurse, she's in the kitchen experimenting with recipes. Originally from Hoover and now living in Pelham, Shea Goldstein is eager to share ideas about healthy and creative meals through her food blog, Dixie Chik Cooks. Featured here is a chili she created to warm souls on any wintry day.

Winter Traditions

There's plenty to do to celebrate the holiday season in the 280 area, so whether you're upholding a family tradition or looking to start a new one, check out these beloved community events.

Cheers to the New Year

"With Hoover recently being ranked as the 17th most livable city in the United States, here's to continued growth and more businesses coming to our area, such as Whole Foods. In 50 years, Hoover's population went from 400 to 85,000, so I also toast Hoover residents, who are great people doing really great things in life." —Bill Powell, Hoover Area…