Delicious, Healthy Summer Treats Are ‘Popping’ Up

 Article Julie Brown Patton | Photography Provided by Steel City Pops  One summer rite is savoring cold, creamy-dreamy treats. Enter Steel City Pops, which offers treats made from fresh, all-natural and certified-organic ingredients with locally harvested supplies.  David Scott, Steel City Pops Alabama general manager, says their fruity pops are vegan and dairy-free. David says people like their pops because…

Tori + Her Mom, Deborah

 Article Julie Brown Patton | Photography Joseph De Sciose  Leather Backpack Purse  "Must-have with two babies and want to stay fashionable!"

Locally Made with Love

It's been estimated that out of every $100 spent on locally made goods and services, 70 percent of it goes back into the local economy. Shopping locally gives our neighboring merchants a way to not only support themselves and their growing businesses but to give back to our local churches, schools and events.

Our Contributors

As a journalist and photographer, Julie Brown Patton relishes capturing life's moments. She particularly enjoys sharing stories about intriguing people, places and developments, which is why she looks forward to contributing to this publication each month. Two Eighty Lifestyle is a chance to see the positivity, leadership and inspiration happening in our community, in an up-close and personal manner. Given our hectic…

Admissions, Advice from Two Local Fitness Experts

"It's a very natural thing for our brains to be hardwired to desire all things sweet," Alexandra Brigham, personal trainer, certified nutrition coach and group training coordinator for Life Time Fitness in Vestavia Hills, says. "When I understood this, and that my choices to cave into the cravings were simply decisions I made and nothing more, I was able to…

Cheers to the New Year

"With Hoover recently being ranked as the 17th most livable city in the United States, here's to continued growth and more businesses coming to our area, such as Whole Foods. In 50 years, Hoover's population went from 400 to 85,000, so I also toast Hoover residents, who are great people doing really great things in life." —Bill Powell, Hoover Area…

Thanksgiving Traditions

"The weekend before the holiday, the women of my husband’s family gather to make pies from scratch," Haley says. "It’s a day of baking, laughter, bonding, music and memories! The men taste the pies and vote on a winner. It’s great to teach the littles about the lost art of making something from scratch."

What’s to Eat in Woodlawn?

Cloudy skies fill the air stimulating a desire for a warm latte alongside a delightful "toastie," made from a sweet potato biscuit, bacon, scrambled egg, white cheddar and mustard seed. A quick 10-minute drive east from Birmingham’s center brings me to Woodlawn Cycle Café, located on a low traffic street in Woodlawn, one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods.