A Great Month to be a Guy

As June arrives, we realize we’ve nearly made it through half the year—and wonder how that could be possible! It feels like just yesterday we were thinking about New Year’s resolutions and Valentine’s Day gifts. Now, we’re planning for summer—long days and warm nights, grilling, pools and everything else the year’s middle months bring along.

Tablescapes at Metro Church of God

King's Home Shelby Auxiliary (formerly Hannah Home Shelby Auxiliary) presented Tablescapes on April 19 
at Metro Church of God. Thirty decorators showcased their talents by creating exquisite or whimsical tables.

Aunt Dru’s Old Fashioned Banana Bread with a Twist

One of the smells that remind me of my home is my Aunt Dru's banana bread. I make this when I want to bring back memories of my childhood, and I am sure it will for you as well.

June 2017 Around Town

What’s more tranquil than enjoying a glass of wine and listening to live music? While enjoying breathtaking views of the Ozan Winery, attendees teased their taste buds with local fares and admired the works of talented Alabama artisans.

A Cut Above

Within the Two Eighty Lifestyle region, men's grooming trends often are about the total experience of barbershops and salon services. Keeping male looks fresh and relevant is the goal. Fade haircuts and hairstyles have been very popular among men, and local stylists predict this trend likely will continue beyond 2017. Fade haircuts generally cater to men with short hair, but…

Movers and Shakers

They are fathers and grandfathers and husbands. They are churchgoers and music lovers. They are football fans and former football players. They are men devoted to their families and who love living and working in the 280 corridors. Meet the men of Two Eighty!

Choose Your Brew

Mix-and-Match the Perfect Six Pack for Summer

Summer Gadget Guide

Gear up for summer with some seriously cool gadgets. These tech items will enhance your adventures and possibly inspire some new ones. Soar to great heights with top-notch drone technology, harness the power of the sun to recharge your devices, experience the latest in virtual reality and stay connected on-the-go with a smart watch. Not exactly technologically gifted? No problem.…

Time for Some Brewskis

Good People Brewing Company was founded in 2007 by college buddies Jason Malone and Michael Sellers. They started making their own beer after college as a hobby. Then they discovered that their hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, did not have a brewery. That’s when they decided to turn a hobby into a success story. With tons of hours and hard work,…