If You Can Read This, Thank a Teacher

With the celebration of local men in June and all of our adventures and fun in July, this summer has already been quite an eventful one. We had so much fun, it’s hard to believe it’s almost time to end. But, as the song goes, school’s out for summer (we’ll just go ahead and skip that next line declaring school…

Mrs. Ronneburg’s Cinnamon Rolls

The heavenly smell of baking cinnamon rolls makes a house feel like a home. When my friend Nancy Ronneburg shared this quick and easy cinnamon roll recipe with me, I was delighted. When other aspects of my house make me want to run and hide, in under 45 minutes, I can have a delicious treat for my family and a…

Express Yourself

Fun back-to-school looks to copy—without getting in trouble!

Officially Kicking off Summer with Memorial Day

While Memorial Day is officially recognized as the day we honor and pay respect to our fallen heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, in the South—particularly in the Two Eighty area—it's also the unofficial opening to summer and lake season. Families spend time together, honor our heroes and celebrate our freedom.

August 2017 Around Town

The 2017 National Senior Games competition celebrated its 30th year. Seniors ages 50 and up from all over the world came together this June to compete in the games. The competition consisted of 19 different events that took place at 20 separate venues throughout Shelby and Jefferson counties. Three of the competitors are over the age of 100 and 19…

Influential Teachers

Where your child goes to school is not as important as who is standing before them passing on something that they will take with them forever. Teachers are the backbone of our schools and the influential role models that our children look to for guidance. After all, they are around for the most impressionable years of a child's life.

Local Music Venues

Live music spots bring out the character of a city. Regardless of the size of the venue, you never know what you are going to find, or where you are going to find it. Music venues are an essential part of the music industry and are a significant part of many communities.

Carrots To The Rescue: Food For Picky Eaters

Feeding kids healthy food in the time of convenience is hard, as is making sure they actually eat it. Fruits and veggies are always a must-have, but with shifting opinions on everything else, sometimes it’s hard to tell what the best thing to give your kids is.