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Good People Brewing Company: From Hobby to Success

Good People Brewing Company was founded in 2007 by college buddies Jason Malone and Michael Sellers. They started making their own beer after college as a hobby. Then they discovered that their hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, did not have a brewery. That’s when they decided to turn a hobby into a success story. With tons of hours and hard work, Good People Brewing Company is an established triumph. With great diversity, they are brewing beers with amazing personalities.

Good People produces hop-driven beers that treasure flexibility and drinkability in all instances. The brewery has a year-round lineup that is referred to as “Ale’s from the Heart of Dixie.” 
This lineup includes:

  • Pale Ale: 
A good mix of pale malts and hops, this 
amber-gold brew is impeccable anytime.
  • IPA: 
Tasteful and full of flavor, this is Good People’s 
top seller for a good reason.
  • Brown Ale: 
With an intense flavor and aroma, this mild, 
dark amber beer is packed with just the right amounts of sweetness and nuttiness.
  • Snake Handler: 
A double IPA that is brewed with 
a signature twist and is guaranteed to sneak 
up and bite you.
  • Coffee Oatmeal Stout: 
Two of the most sought after beverages combined 
flawlessly and is perfect for an after-dinner toddy.
  • The Bearded Lady: 
This version of wheat beer is light in flavor 
and highly effervescent making it an 
awesome tonic for a hot day.
  • Urban Farmer:
 Slightly amplified with a hint of fruit, this 
farmhouse ale is tweaked with flavor 
and will impress the taste buds.

Aside from the traditional year-round roster, Good People offers a variety of seasonal ales as well as more diverse, unique brews categorized as “Bearded Reserves.” Also available are the taproom-only beers. So clearly a visit to the brewery is a must. And highly recommended.

Speaking of a visit to the brewery, have a pint and witness the magic. Tours of the brewery are offered most weekends throughout the year. On-site samplings are available, and live music and a variety of other events are always happening. And oh yeah, you have got to stop by the gift shop for some groovy merchandise. Love the socks—they are too cool.

Whether it’s a brew before or after the game, happy hour or just the need for a cold one, Good People Brewing Company is a local hotspot for remarkable beer. Whatever your pleasure, Good People Brewing Company is certain to accommodate.

Visit the website for information regarding events, concerts, tours and other information on the brewery and its beers at GoodPeopleBrewing.com.

Good People’s Brewery is located across the street from Regions Field, home of the Birmingham Barons, at 114 14th St. S., Birmingham, AL 35233.