A Cut Above 13

Definitive Guide to Men’s Hairstyles and Grooming

Within the Two Eighty Lifestyle region, men’s grooming trends often are about the total experience of barbershops and salon services. Keeping male looks fresh and relevant is the goal.

Fade haircuts and hairstyles have been very popular among men, and local stylists predict this trend likely will continue beyond 2017. Fade haircuts generally cater to men with short hair, but more recently guys with medium or long hair have been getting in on the trends with a higher fade.

Fade hairstyles are sometimes also called the military reg. This cut simply means hair tapers from the bottom to the top. Hair at the sides and back is cut as close as possible or desired and fades up into almost any length on top. Typically, one would start with a clipper guard No. 3, and determine where to place the fade line, switching the guard to a No. 2 and eventually to a No. 1 lower on the head. Hair can be neatly styled or given a more texturized, messy look using gel, paste or pomade.

A newer facility to the area, The Vintage Barber Shop in Vestavia Hills, just celebrated their first business anniversary in February. Vintage barber Dustin Varner says current, popular summertime cuts are tight fades, undercuts and textured crew cuts.

“Given Alabama’s heat, customers are requesting a lot of undercuts, with hair tight (very short and close to scalps) all the way up the sides and no blends,” Varner says. “Some men still leave 2 to 3 inches on top to style, comb over or do a side part.”

He says the general taper or fade haircut is still the king of style, but the variations and creativity shown within it differ from year to year.

Mario Kinion, manager of Legends Barbershop in Hoover, says the two-year trend of longer beards is still going strong. One of the most requested men’s hairstyles at the shop is the South of France original haircut, which was made so famous by pop-R&B musical artist and actor Usher Raymond, it’s commonly called the “Usher Cut.”

As a full-service barbershop, The Male Room offers Birmingham’s ultimate grooming experience for men of all ages. They handle a wide variety of men’s styles, such as classic, modern, flattops or curly. In fact, haircuts there begin with detailed consultations, including matching proposed cuts to head shapes, facial contours and personal styles.

Even shaving at The Male Room is approached in multiple steps, based on the grains of beards. The first steps include pre-shave oil, steamy towels and glycerin-based shaving cream for irritation-free results. They conclude with a rinse of cool water to close the pores and a soothing application of alcohol-free, post-shave cooling gel.

One issue that men sometimes have to contend with is unwanted or unsightly hair, and Male Room specialists claim to have an excellent waxing method that is quick and painless. Private consultations precede back waxing. Waxings are followed by a moisturizing massage to replenish the skin. Nose and ear hair removal can be done either in a stylist’s chair or a private room.