Thanksgiving Traditions 7

Some of Two Eighty Lifestyle’s Best Thanksgiving Memories

Haley Isbell | Skin Wellness Center

“The weekend before the holiday, the women of my husband’s family gather to make pies from scratch,” Haley says. “It’s a day of baking, laughter, bonding, music and memories! The men taste the pies and vote on a winner. It’s great to teach the littles about the lost art of making something from scratch.”

Suzanne Brogdon | The Brogdon Group 

“Thanksgiving is about honoring our mothers and grandmothers,” Suzanne says. “Family recipes, china dishes and unconditional love passed down through the generations. For my grandchildren, Barrett and Evelyn, to see their great-grandparents through me. It is a day of renewed strength by the spirit of the women before me.”

Shay Morgan | Shays Jewelers

“When I was a child, my uncle lived on a canal in Destin, Florida,” Shay says. “At Thanksgiving, my whole family traveled to the beach to visit. Some of my most memorable Thanksgivings are of warm, sunny days spent fishing and [some years] it was even warm enough to lay on the beach.”

Dr. Michael Maniscalco | Maniscalco Cosmetic & General Dentistry

“Each year, I look forward to extended time with family members,” Michael says.

Terry Crutchfield | RE/MAX Advantage South

My parents are both deceased, so my children grew up without grandparents,” Terry says. “One Thanksgiving, our family traveled to south Alabama to visit my aunt and uncle, who live next door to my childhood home. I grew up on 3 country acres and didn’t realize my children would be so excited to be surrounded by this way of living. My children were amazed at the property and that you can ride a four-wheeler or golf cart all over it. It was bittersweet for me and my sister as we had a perfect view of my parents’ house that day. Memories flooded back as we considered our whole, young life. As we got in the car to return home, my son immediately said it was the best Thanksgiving he ever had. I was grateful my children got a glimpse of the childhood setting I enjoyed.”

Dr. Lee Goldenberg | Greystone Chiropractic

“My wife’s heritage is American Indian, so we often use Thanksgiving to teach our children about Indian rituals and ceremonies,” Lee says. “We usually visit Moundville Archaeological Park the week before or after Thanksgiving. During the holiday, we spend a great deal of time and focus on intention, gratitude and family connection. We usually prepare foods that were around during those earlier days, such as beans, corn and root vegetables. Our kids get involved in preparing foods, and sometimes choose and prepare a dessert for everyone to try.”