A New Year's Change

Welcome to 2018. If you’re flipping through these pages and are wondering whether you’re in the right place, you are! With 12 fresh months at our feet, we’ve opted for a new year of renewal, reflection and change here at Two Eighty Lifestyle.

That’s why you’ll notice some differences in our appearance (and we’re not talking about the couple extra pounds we put on over the holidays). But, even with a more unified style and beautiful imagery, our team still has one collective goal: to share the stories of everything and everyone the place we call home has to offer—and the things that matter most to you, our readers, for whom we produce this magazine each month.

This month’s issue focuses on one common element when every January rolls around. Throughout our “Active” issue, you’ll surely be inspired to start the year off right.

May 2018 bring you new goals, new challenges, new successes and new, amazing experiences we can’t wait to share with you.

Thanks for inviting us into your homes and sharing your lives with us; we can’t wait to see you around.