Admissions, Advice from Two Local Fitness Experts

Hint: They Don’t Always Want to Work Out, Either

Alexandra Brigham

Life Time Fitness, Vestavia Hills

“It’s a very natural thing for our brains to be hardwired to desire all things sweet,” Alexandra Brigham, personal trainer, certified nutrition coach and group training coordinator for Life Time Fitness in Vestavia Hills, says. “When I understood this, and that my choices to cave into the cravings were simply decisions I made and nothing more, I was able to move on and put sugar in its rightful place in my nutrition habits.”

Another confession from Alexandra is that she doesn’t always want to work out.

“I don’t always feel hyped up to throw on my spandex and go do my thing. Most days I have other things I would rather do or feel like I need to do,” she says. 
”Find what moves you, and do it. Do it often, and do it for the person you want to be a year from now.”

Davis Osborne

“When the people I work with first start fitness training, I always tell them to remember that the only bad workout is no workout at all,” Davis Osborne, a personal trainer, says. 
”Just keep doing some sort of exercise and improving yourself, doing just 1 percent better every day.”

Davis says “discipline trumps motivation.” So, his advice is to establish a fitness routine and stick to it. He admits there are days that he, too, doesn’t really want to work out, but that’s when he returns to his disciplined approach to inspire him enough to get through it.

“Also, people can never eat too much broccoli. It’s so good for you—just keep shoveling it in!” he suggests.