Get Your Running Shoes On and Grab a Stopwatch, Too

James Spann

Chief Meteorologist for ABC 33/40

This award-winning meteorologist guides avid weather watchers throughout the Birmingham region each weeknight at 4, 5, 6 and 10 p.m. After having been a television weather anchor for nearly four decades, the suspender-wearing, universal climate man believes he was simply born with a fascination with weather. James has received the two highest awards in the nation for a broadcast meteorologist. He’s also been voted as Best TV Personality and Best Tweeter multiple times.

“It’s a joy to help people,” he says.

Although James says his greatest struggle is time management, he makes time to create and host an excellent weather podcast every Monday entitled “WeatherBrains.” He even has a regular panel of other weather “geeks” and guests! The podcast tackles weather topics and has segments including WeatherBrains 101, This Week in Weather History, Beyond the Atmosphere, News and Notes from the Weather World, and Weekly Weather Roundup.

When not obsessed with predicting the weather, James leads children’s ministries, chairs the board of trustees at Grandview Medical Center, makes presentations and teaches meteorology in regional elementary schools.

“I was truly wired to be a third-grade science teacher,” he admits.

James maintains his ham radio operator license because one “never knows when severe weather will knock out all communications and we’ll need ham radios.”

He then somehow squeezes in three hours of tennis each Sunday evening for a much-needed off-the-grid recess. 

James leads an exhausting, but “kicked-up-a-notch” fun life.

“How you spend your 24 hours each day determines who you are” is his mantra. “Time is the greatest equalizer in life.”

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