When you think of the word “maker,” what comes to mind?

A quick Google search offers some ideas: a constructor, a builder, a producer, a designer, an architect, but, in its simplest terms, a person that makes or produces something.

In this month’s issue, you’ll be immersed in articles that focus on just that: makers—people who produce things. You’ll see it in the art, food and artisan goods throughout both these pages and our community.

But this concept of makers is more than just the people who create unique works of art, beautiful (and tasty) cuisine, handcrafted jewelry, textiles or furniture, or goods you can find throughout local boutiques or on locally-maintained Etsy pages.

It’s also about a movement of people and ideas—hobbyists, experts and the in-between—who form a community that works together and encourages each other to create new products, dream up innovative ideas and produce things unique to the Two Eighty material landscape.

With the full support of a community behind you, stay creative—and curious—Two Eighty.

We can’t wait to see what you make next.