Built by Ferguson 14

An Introduction into the Woodwork Community

How long have you been doing this business?

Eric Ferguson: Well, where we actually offer our services to other people, it’s been since summertime of last year. I grew up building things—not necessarily furniture, but decks and porches and that sort of thing with my dad. We moved into our house in October of ’16, and [Amy] likes expensive things, so I thought I could build them for cheaper. So I put some of my skills to work, and her sister really wanted some things, so that kind of started it.

So, what is your
craft? What do you 
specialize in?

Eric: I would say rustic, farmhouse furniture. I’ve been doing a lot of sliding barn doors, barn door media consoles, blanket ladders—things in that realm. Not the super high-end furniture, because you get up to that and it’s going to start getting very, very expensive. And I purposely try to keep mine cheaper than what you would pay if you went to a store. And I think right now that’s where my niche and focus is: more affordable, quality furniture that’s not necessarily the most expensive piece of wood.

In what ways do 
you feel like you’re giving back to 
your community?

Amy Ferguson: From a woman’s standpoint, I would say I love having a nice, clean home. I like having cool things to show off to people who come into my house, and so the fact that we get to help people make the place that they live beautiful and unique and different—I like that we get to do that for other people. Because I get so much joy out of it, a part of me likes to think that I’m kind of helping create that joy too.