The concept of home is different for everyone.

For some, home is where the family is. It’s the place where weekends were—or still are—filled with baby snuggles, bedtime stories and Saturday morning cartoons. The place where the smell of bacon and pancakes fills the air on Sunday mornings, “do your homework before you go outside” is a daily mantra and unsnoozable slobbery dog kisses take the place of your morning alarm.

For others, home is where the rest is. It’s the place where, after a long day, you go to relax. Where you spend meaningful time with your significant other, enjoy home-cooked meals and settle in on a comfy couch to catch up on the week’s latest guilty pleasure TV shows.

For some, home is where the work is. It’s where you build your dreams, where you start your businesses and where you work day in and day out for success.

And for us here at Two Eighty Lifestyle, home is where the heart is—it’s where we get to share meaningful stories with all of you.

Whatever your home may be, we hope you find a piece of it here in this month’s issue.