It’s About Warm Welcomes and Setting People at Ease

Kristie Lyons knows firsthand how uncomfortable it can be even to discuss unwanted hair, let alone deal with it. That’s why she launched a new business around treating unwanted hair and regaining self-assurance.

As the owner of Lyons Electrolysis & Lashes at 2028 Kentucky Ave. in Vestavia Hills, Kristie is one of only a few certified electrologists in Alabama, a state she says doesn’t require licensing to perform the procedure. She adds that electrolysis is the only FDA-approved solution for permanent hair removal, compared to laser treatments that are just for reduction. 

“I had electrolysis done myself, and my mom was always self-conscious of her unwanted facial hair,” she says. “I and my friends have been through it, and my passion is to help people get their self-confidence back.

“It warms my heart, and I’m so glad to be helping people. I know how wonderful it is to regain that happiness.”

Kristie says she knows people are nervous and don’t know what to expect, so she seeks to surround them in comfort. In fact, each patient gets a personal eye mask that is reserved for them to reuse with each visit. That’s also why there are no bright lights in her patient environment.

"There’s hope and a permanent solution to unwanted hair through electrolysis. You don’t have to hide it. Let’s tackle it together and keep smiling!"

Paris Chic

Oui, oui, welcome to Paris at Lyons Electrolysis & Lashes! Kristie has always loved the atmosphere, food, culture and fashion of Paris. So, there was no doubt in her mind her new business would take on a Parisian theme.

To achieve a calming, relaxing office, Kristie chose soft gray walls, pretty pictures, a chandelier, lamps and self-affirming decor items.

She pieced together items from At Home, Ross, TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning to create a slice of Paris.