Dewayne Moore Shares a Workout

Dewayne Moore is a former professional and college football player; internationally recognized strength, speed and conditioning coach; and motivational speaker, who motivates, educates and inspires people worldwide and locally. Dewayne has worked with a high-profile clientele of elite professional athletes from the NFL, NBA and MLB. He earned his bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from San Diego State and his master’s degree in exercise and nutritional science with a specialty in biomechanics. Dewayne is one of Quevity’s movement coaches and oversees the gym’s PHIIT 360 classes.

Kettlebell glute bridge

Kettlebell Swings

Mountain climbers

Crank machine front delts and core

Core rollout

S drive speed push

Flexline cable chest press

Incline pushup

Wall squats with med ball chest press

Rower-full resistance, cardio, upper and lower body

Do two 30-second sets with 30 seconds of rest at each station. Repeat at all 15 stations. Thirty seconds of time under tension means you do as many reps as you can at your own pace. “[That] is why this is so great of a class—it is at their level, and they can work as hard or as easy as they need to,” Dewayne says.